Pulsiam Customer Opens New C5 in Ecatepec

The State of Mexico, which uses Pulsiam's SafetyNet CAD software, opens a new C5 in Ecatepec

Last week, on September 27, the State of Mexico celebrated the grand opening of a new C5 (Centro de Control Comando Comunicación y Calidad, or a Command, Control, Communication and Quality Control Center) in Ecatepec, a municipality located in the State of Mexico. The State of Mexico is a long-time Pulsiam customer, and the new C5 required a new implementation of Pulsiam's SafetyNet CAD command and control software. 

This new C5 was part of a bigger project to improve public safety services in the State of Mexico that included opening a C5 in Toluca, which opened its doors earlier this year on June 3.

"We are so proud to be a part of this important project for the State of Mexico," commented Carlos Lopez, the Director of International Sales at Pulsiam. "This C5 is cutting edge, and will be a huge benefit to all the citizens of the State of Mexico. It will help many people in the future."

The C5s in Toluca and Ecatepec will work together to provide emergency response and public safety services throughout the State of Mexico. The C5 in Ecatepec is expected to be able to dispatch an emergency response team to arrive at any emergency in the municipality within four minutes. Please see the linked video for more details. 

For more information about Pulsiam's involvement in the C5 project, please contact Holly Blanks, Pulsiam's Director of International Business Development, at hblanks@pulsiam.com.

For more information about the State of Mexico, please visit its website at http://edomex.gob.mx.

About Pulsiam:

Pulsiam established itself as a leader in the public safety software industry in 1986. The company prides itself on meeting the needs of public safety agencies with its SafetyNet Suite. Pulsiam is committed to tailoring its SafetyNet product line to adapt to the changing technology of this mission critical industry.


Source: Pulsiam


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